Karolina Fund: Experiments in online collaboration

Karolina Fund

Some of the founders: Ingi, myself and Jónmundur

Karolina Fund is a crowd funding start-up I co-founded. It’s currently the only crowd funding platform based in Iceland, but this is not where we’d like it’s uniqueness to end. We are developing ways to take the online collaboration concept further by allowing for an increased level of participation by the supporters in the execution stages of the project through a simple project management system – as well as overall increased level of transparency with an escrow like service. The platform was launched last autumn and has already funded several cool creative projects.

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Days of Gray

So we just wrapped Days of Gray, a non-dialogue arty feature film that will be scored by Icelandic band Hjaltalín. I worked on it as 1st AD. That’s me on the far left of the picture above in a dry suit after shooting the last sh0t of the last scene of the film.

We shot the whole thing in only 12 days, which required some careful and meditated scheduling combined with some not-so-meditated whip-cracking :)

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Concept trailer for the first Icelandic Hindi film

A project in early stages that I’m working on. Check out the website here.

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Stills from ‘Disappear’

Check out a few stills from the short film Disappear which I shot and produced.

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“Amor Fati” video out and a few projects brewing

I had the great pleasure of being part of producing a video for ‘chillwave’ artist Washed out, directed by Yoonha Park. It was a roadrip kind of a shoot, travelling around Iceland getting casual yet inspiring shots around the country.

A short film I shot and edited, Meginlandið and was directed by Hallur Örn Árnason, will be screening at this year’s RIFF. It’s a film based on a Charles Bukowski poem, and the visuals try to follow his harsh, dry and synical tone. Perhaps not the most flattering footage I have shot.

Another short I shot is soon comming out, Disappear, directed by Heimir Freyr Hlöðversson.

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Klapp Guerrilla film campaign and Icelandic Cinema Online

This spring I’ve been involved in two community oriented projects. I was the main organizer of the Klapp co-op’s guerrilla film campaign. With funding from Reykjavik municipality we helped a group of 10 film makers organize, develop and equip short films which premiered in Bíó Paradís in May. See this article in Reykjavik Grapvine.

I was also responsible for the technical development of Icelandic Cinema Online, a promising VOD platform for Icelandic cinema. Check it out and rent some films – some are even free.

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‘Incorporated’ being developed into a feature

Incorporated, a 30 min short film I associate-produced and assistand-directed, is now looking to mature into a feature length version.

The film premiered at the London Film Festival in 2010 and was shortlisted for a BAFTA award.

Directed by: Nick White. See more info here.

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Fashion shots

Not the final product – just some shots from one of the cameras in promo shoot I did for Nikita Clothing. Funny to try this type of “beauty” shots. Put soft, even light from both sides of the camera, and diffused a practical lamp which was already in the ceiling for hairlight.

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Interactive sea monster table

Flew on an 8 man plane over to Bíldudalur a few weeks ago to shoot this interactive exhibition that Gagarín did for the local monster museum. As is fitting for monster exhibitons, the light was barely enough for the human eye, but I decided to keep to current lighting as much as possible and just live with the hight ISO noise. Edited by: Heimir Freyr Hlöðversson.

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Bíó Paradís: Viral

Here’s a viral I produced for Bíó Paradís, focusing on building nostalgia for Reykjavik’s newest Art House cinema. Directed by Ragnar Bragason.

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