Media coverage where I talk about my projects and work in general:

Grapevine: Crowdfunding Credibility
Jan 7th 2013 (in English)
An interview with me and Ingi about Karolina Fund.

Snoop Around: Klapp
May 31st 2012 (in English)
An interview with myself and the other founders of Klapp, a co-op style film organization we run.

Grapevine: Icelandic Outlaws Get The Bollywood Treatment
May 39th 2012 (in English)
Interview in Iceland’s bi-weekly English-language newspaper.

RUV: An Icelandic Bollywod film
April 12th 2012 (in Icelandic)
A TV interview with current affairs show Kasljós, the night we premiered the concept trailer for Fjalla-Eyvindur and Halla.

Grapevine: Give A Hand For The Klapp Collective
April 26th 2011 (in English)
Coverage of Klapp, the film organization we had then just started, in Iceland’s bi-weekly English language newspaper.

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